December 2019

Christmas Bizarre by Emma Nichols

Once upon a time in a quiet English village called Duckton-by-Dale in the lead up to Christmas, several events take place that are followed by this engaging story. The parish committee decides the pantomime will be Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. Faith, the vicar, will play the Prince, and her partner Drew will play Snow White. Duckton House is hosting a solstice festival for a week for paranormal experts. Hilda, the village ghost is seen again. There is much drinking of home-made gin and paranormal activity.

The whole book is full of quick repartee and scenes that mean you will have to put the book down to laugh and hold your stomach. But that does not mean that the story takes second place. There is a good story behind the laughter and some tender romance. Christmas Bizarre is the third in the series, and you can get away without the previous volumes, but you will be the poorer for missing the background stories. Once again, Emma Nichols has written a gem.

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Uncharted by Robyn Nyx

Is a thrilling adventure story that will have you already protecting yourself from gunfire in Chapter 2 and, before you know it, off across the world to search for treasure. 

Chase Stinsen is a female Harrison Ford, but a lot sexier! She is very fit and a hot butch to boot. Her ethical stance is to ensure archaeological treasure that is found is made freely available to the world. She works alone.

Rayne Marcellus is a femme but also very fit and physically as capable as Chase. However, her ethics mean that Rayne works for clients and will sell treasure to the highest bidder. She employs twins, Ginn and Tonyck, who are built like ‘brick walls’ and her ex-military muscle.

Previously, Rayne had beaten Chase to four treasure finds; thus there is a certain amount of animosity between them, which is on a slow burn. They are both considered the best at their jobs. The real story begins when Rayne needs Chase’s help to decipher a treasure map, and together they embark on an expedition racing against evil forces.

It is a story full of action which will keep you enthralled and turning the pages. Yes, it has one or two raw moments, but these are needed to make the story; Robyn is so very good at articulating these and thus ensuring the realism of the race to find the treasure. I think one of my highlights is the contrast between the status of Chase as hero and Rayne as her anti-hero. As a reader I found I was rooting for Chase all the while at the start and hoping Rayne and her muscle would lose out. That was soon changing to praying that Chase and Rayne together would be victorious against evil forces. It is such very good character development.

Can you tell I loved it? We need many more adventure stories like this in the lesfic world!

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