How Did I Get Here?

I’ve been a huge follower of lesbian fiction for years, reviewing for lesfic sites and loving it. Reading all those books got me wondering if I could do it too.

So I attended a writing retreat run by authors, Brey Willows and Robyn Nyx, and they were convinced I could do it!

Here am I, trying to prove them right.

The Short History of Me

I’ve had many jobs over the years. My early career was in the Navy, and I followed that with a stint as a police officer. Can you tell I love uniforms?

Latterly I was a lecturer and learned to remove all the emotion and feeling from my academic writing. I’m now happily retired, and it’s such a feeling of freedom to be able to write and put all that love and angst back in to my work.

I live in the UK with my wife of thirty-two years and spend much of the summer in our camper van, The Duchess, searching for the perfect wave. I’m a Zwift cyclist and puff my way up various hills most days…I’m working toward the mountains.


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