Zamira Saliev

Flick Colonna’s life is ticking away one minute at a time. Desk duty at Department 6, a clandestine government agency, is making her itch for active duty once again. But with loss and destruction behind her, is going back into the field a good idea? When her next assignment comes in, she has no choice.
Zamira Saliev ran from a past that threatened to destroy her as it did her mother. When she’s kidnapped by the very people who ruined her family a few years ago, hope for rescue isn’t anywhere on the horizon. With no information to give them on her rebel father, she’s living on borrowed time.
Can Flick get Zamira out of Tarinor and back to safety? Or will the ghosts of their pasts drag them into a dark dead-end?


Stele Hosun has been banished. On Nero, gem shards match people’s eyes and give them their special powers and purpose. But Stele has completely black eyes, and although legend recorded that she could be the chosen one to touch the legendary black shard, fear of her potential power makes her an outcast. 

Exiled to Alton, she’s torn from Ariane, her one and only love, who has always accepted Stele for who she is. She drowns her sorrows and wallows in her loneliness until Colonel Kian Ray of the Alton Defense Force offers her the chance to join the ADF and make something of herself. Begrudgingly, Stele accepts, and with the help of new friends, Questa and Domino, she finds new purpose and perhaps even a home.

But Ariane remains the woman Stele wants, the one she needs. When pirates invade Nero to find the fabled and all-powerful black shard, putting Ariane in danger, Stele must lead a rescue that will either destroy them all or fulfil her ultimate destiny.Nero

The Elephant Trees

My second published short story appears at the end of this volume which includes eclectic stories from twenty established, emerging, and new authors including Emma Nichols, Margaux Fox, and Lily Morris. The Elephant Trees recalls a lifetime spent together by two women and the story neither starts nor finishes where you might expect it.

Open your hearts and minds to new experiences and new writers, and you might well find your next new favourite author. This anthology unabashedly genre hops from romance to fantasy, and erotica to romantic comedy, so that there really is a little something for everyone.

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The Bus Stop

With something for almost everyone, LesFic Eclectic is a genre-hopping anthology packed full of established authors and brand new voices. From romance to fantasy, erotica to general fiction, and from polyamory to a platonic thressome, this anthology is perfect for all tastes.

This volume contains my first published short story about a wlw relationship that started in the UK Armed Forces in the days when it was illegal.

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