I’m so excited to be published for the first time in this collection of stories from new and established authors. I hope you like my bittersweet romance with older lesbians, something we don’t often seeing in lesfic.

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Nero: Work In Progress

I’m currently working on a sci-fi romance, tentatively called Nero.

Stele Hosun is a violent and aggressive Neroian. Exiled to the planet Alton, where all outcasts are banished, Stele meets Kian Ray who offers her the chance to make something of her life by joining the Alton Defense Force. Stele has to learn to manage her temper and her newfound skills, as well as accepting the hand of friendship from Kian. And when she’s faced with the opportunity to save both her home planet and Ariane, the woman Stele has loved since they were young, Stele has to choose between losing it all and gaining everything she’s ever wanted.